Welcome to our website!!!
Titus & Urbanski Inc is proud to announce the events that set our firm above the rest!


Our Firm has added Ryan Sullivan to our Team of Accounting, Auditing & Tax Professionals.


Sukna Ahmad has been promoted to Payroll Processing Senior for our Payroll Services Team.


Nathan M. Rosengarten, CPA has been promoted to the position of non-equity Partner.

Nate’s determination to enhance his knowledge and experience in accounting coupled with his willingness to branch out into the more complex areas of our profession has allowed him to excel within our firm at a rapid pace. His professionalism and attention to customer needs makes Nate a popular choice with our clients.


Our Firm has added Patti Granata as a new Receptionist & Client Relationship Manager for our practice.


Titus & Urbanski Inc Certified Public Accountants becomes and integral part of an Elite Network of Financial Professionals in 2022 that work together to offer a forward-thinking approach to financial planning; integrating the service offerings of Accounting, Tax, Investment, Banking, Insurance and Legal Professionals.


Our Firm has added Kaylee Witfoth to our Team of Accounting, Auditing & Tax Professionals.


On October 18, 2021, Titus & Urbanski Inc moved the firm to its new location at:
3220 Central Park West in Toledo, Ohio 43617
We would love to have you visit our beautiful, newly renovated offices.  Feel free to stop by and say “Hello!”
Only our address has changed as all phone numbers and email addresses remain the same.
You can find ALL of the correct information on our CONTACT page.


Effective 12.31.2020, Hantz Titus Urbanski LLC, our firm’s direct equity affiliation with Hantz Tax & Business LLC, a subsidiary of HantzGroup Inc, was dissolved.


Our Firm has added Nathan Rosengarten, CPA to our Accounting, Auditing & Tax Services Teams.


The Year 2020 has been extremely challenging for many people as the Coronavirus took center stage early in March and continues to ravage our world.  The word “unprecedented” has been highly over-used by everyone to describe what we are all going through, yet, the word unprecedented drastically understates the magnitude of how much we all have been affected.  We continue to strive for excellence.  We continue to be committed to quality, personalized services while maintaining the highest level of knowledge and experience.  We continue to strive to be timely and attentive and to meet the needs of our clients.  And at the end of the day, we continue to strive to be a little nicer to one another as ALL lives matter.  As if all people are our family, we try to do what is best for everyone.

Stay Safe!  Stay Healthy!


Our Firm has added Sukna Ahmad to our Payroll Services Team.


Our Firm is proud to announce the addition of Judy J. MacQuisten, CPA to our team of Accounting & Tax Professionals.  Judy brings to our firm her years of experience and training as an Auditor specializing in single-employer and multi-employer employee benefits plan audits and DOL filings.


Our Firm has added Joshua Copi to our Tax Services Team.


President Donald Trump signs the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 on Friday December 22, 2017.
New Tax Law promises lower taxes for most Americans and also for most Businesses.
The belief of Congress is lower taxes on businesses will generate more Jobs in our Country.
Lower taxes on families will increase the chances that many more people will succeed financially reducing the dependency on government.
Our firm stands ready to interpret and advise on how these new laws affect you. Now in 2018 and into the future.


Michael D Urbanski, CPA PFS is named Managing Partner of our Firm effective July 1, 2016


Our Firm has added Timothy Combs to our Team of Accounting & Tax Professionals.


Welcome to our NEW website!!!
Titus & Urbanski Inc proudly announces the launch of their brand new website!


Our Firm has added Tyler Urbanski to our Team of Accounting, Auditing & Tax Professionals.