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Welcome to Titus & Urbanski Inc., Certified Public Accountants. We are a locally owned and operated certified public accounting firm that specializes in personal and business tax preparation and planning. We also offer auditing services, payroll services, and business consulting. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your financial goals. 


  1. Website: www.toledocpa.com
  2. Click on “Client Tools” on the Toolbar.   Then Click on the “Padlock” under Securely Sign in to your Portal
  3. LOGIN: 26361@ClientID        PASSWORD: Primary Taxpayer SSN
    • The Client ID was sent to client via email; if we have an email address in Ultra Tax.
    • Clients can change username and password, so it could be different if changed last year.
    • We can look up login, email or reset password.
    • Paper organizers sent via US mail or email are not on the web.
  4. In addition to the Web Tax Organizer, we have several other Documents that require your signature.
    WE call this packet of Documents your “Action Items”- Must be Printed, Signed and Returned to us BEFORE we can complete your returns!
    Included in this packet are the following:

    • Tax Return Delivery Option (You select from the following)
      • Web Portal PDF files (Using your secure login)
      • USB Memory Drive PDF files (Password protected files)
      • Paper copies picked up from our office (Old School)
      • FedEx Paper copies to your location (Additional charges apply)
    • Services Engagement Letter (Written agreement for us to prepare your tax returns)
    • FBAR Letter (Foreign bank/investments) (Initial the applicable box in section One and the applicable box in section Two.)
    • Acknowledgement Page (Must provide USE Tax Purchases amount for State Filing AND Verify your Bank Account in the Portal)
    • Health Insurance Coverage Disclosure (Must be completed unless you have 1095 forms to show all members of your tax household)
      The Packet MUST be signed on the last page.
      Digital signature is ok for Tech savvy clients


  1.  Click on “Tax Organizer
    • Follow and complete items on the left side of the page
    • Put any extra stuff client cannot find a place for on the “Notes” page or look under the “Add Forms” at bottom left
  2.  Attach documents
    • Click on “Uploaded Tax Statements
      • Upload
      • Add files
      • Browse computer for files
      • Start upload, wait to say Successful
  3.  When Finished
    • Click on “Save & Close”- This options saves and can work on later (not sent to us)
  4. ONLY when you are ready to send to us…
    • Click Orange button “Send to Preparer” for us to receive information and documents.

      • You must also send us Forms W-2, 1099s, K-1s, and any other tax documents if you did not scan and attach a copy with organizer.
      • We download this information once a day, immediate confirmation to client of receipt is not available.

Our Vision

To be a regional certified public accounting firm recognized throughout Ohio and Michigan as preeminent by its clients, its associates, its competitors and the community. We will be the standard by which other CPA firms are measured. Our hallmarks will include the profitability, innovation, initiative and teamwork of our associates. We will anticipate and effectively respond to change and create successful solutions. We will succeed by facilitating each client’s success.

Our Mission

To convey to our clients that we care. We are committed to quality, personalized services and maintaining the highest level of knowledge and experience. We strive to be timely and attentive, to meet the needs of our clients and to surpass their expectations.

We at Titus & Urbanski Inc. are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the Personal Information of all the visitors to this web site. As a part of that commitment, Titus & Urbanski Inc is in the process of implementing our updated Global Information Privacy Policy and Information Privacy Statements to reflect the current needs of our visitors to know what information about them we collect, why we collect it, and where it goes. We encourage you to read our Global Information Privacy Policy.
This policy defines the commitment of Titus & Urbanski Inc to protect the privacy of Personal Information that is collected or used in the course of conducting Titus & Urbanski Inc business. On a global basis, Titus & Urbanski Inc will establish and maintain business procedures that are consistent with this policy.
We respect the privacy rights of individuals.
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We give notice of all Personal Information collection.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will give notice when Personal Information is collected or when any collected information is later to be provided to third parties. All notices will explain the need for the information and describe how the information will be used. Personal Information will not be used to directly market any products or services to identifiable persons unless that possibility has been disclosed in advance and the opportunity not to participate has been given.
We explain the consequences of collecting and processing.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will state the consequences of any decision by individuals not to provide Personal Information requested by Titus & Urbanski Inc.
We get explicit consent for sensitive information/opt-in
Titus & Urbanski Inc will maintain procedures to assure that information about children or other categories of sensitive information is only collected with explicit consent and is protected against improper use, consistent with applicable law.
We process and distribute information consistent with notice.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will collect and use Personal Information consistently with the notices that have been provided. However, Titus & Urbanski Inc may decide to remove identifiable features from collected Personal Information and the resulting information may then be used for statistical, historic, scientific or other purposes, consistent with applicable law.
We provide information security
Titus & Urbanski Inc will maintain the security of Personal Information, and protect the integrity of such information, with a commercially reasonable degree of care.
We provide individuals a way to access and correct their information.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will maintain procedures consistent with applicable law for individuals to gain access to their collected Personal Information and, when appropriate, correct any information that is inaccurate or incomplete, change their individual consent level, or have their Personal Information deleted.
We provide a way to process complaints.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will publish the procedures for responding to complaints regarding potential deviations from its established procedures for protecting Personal Information.
We will disclose Personal Information when required by Law or court order.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will under certain circumstances permitted or required by law or court order, collect, use, and/or disclose Personal Information pursuant to procedures that do not require giving notice or conducting related activities (for example, in connection with law enforcement investigations).
We will align our Human Resource processes with the Titus & Urbanski Inc policy.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will align its Human Resources processes, policies, practices, and guidelines (for information that is collected or used relating to former, current, or prospective employees) to comply with this Policy.
We retain the flexibility to change this policy.
Titus & Urbanski Inc will, and reserves the right to, modify and update this policy or its related business practices at any time. Titus & Urbanski Inc will NOT apply changes to this policy retroactively to information Titus & Urbanski Inc has previously collected.
If you are concerned about our use of your Personal Information, please contact us at info@toledocpa.com, with the subject line, “privacy.”

Welcome to ToledoCPA.com. We at Titus & Urbanski Inc, are committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the Personal Information of all the visitors to this web site. As a part of that commitment, Titus & Urbanski Inc is in the process of implementing our updated Global Information Privacy Policy and Information Privacy Statements to reflect the current needs of our visitors to know what information about them we collect, why we collect it, and where it goes. We encourage you to read this Information Privacy Statement and our Global Information Privacy Policy.
At this web site, Titus & Urbanski Inc. does not actively initiate any collection of any individual information. We passively collect information that is automatically sent to us by your web browser. This information typically includes your domain name (the site after the @ in your e-mail address). It may also contain your user name (the name before the @ in your e-mail address). The amount of information sent depends on the settings you have on your web browser; please refer to your browser if you want to learn what information it sends. At this page we do not actively seek to identify any individual visitor, with the exception of investigating security breaches or cooperating with authorities pursuant to a legal matter.
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We therefore recommend that you read the privacy policy statement for each site you visit.
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